Muddy puddles!!

We were so pleased to get back into the nature area this week for our Forest School session and explored the changes!
In the mud kitchen making potions. We found so many pond snails this week, there were lots of babies.
Lots of new hiding places. And the best muddy puddles!!!

At the end of our session we each found a leaf which we were drawn too.  We really looked at the leaf and talked about why we had chosen it.  Luke chose this cluster of leaves.

A different kind of Forest School

We had to adapt our session this week due to our nature area suffering lots of damage in the storm and being unsafe.  Instead we set up camp on the school field.  We explored our area and found lots of little nooks to play in and build dens.

We collected leaves and made autumnal pictures.  Willow told us that she loves drawing trees. We decided that with all the damage some birds may have lost their homes so we made some bird feeders and put them up to try and encourage them to a safe haven.

The start of Forest School sessions 20-21

We were so excited to get back out in the nature area for the first of our Forest Schools sessions.  We spent time exploring our surroundings and reminding ourselves of all of the wonderful acitivities we could do.  We started as always with a game and Mrs. Fiske challenged us to a colour matching task.  it was much trickier finding items to match our colour swatch.  We found some beautiful autumnal colours.We then spent time climbing  trees, pond dipping, den building and making fishing rods, Luke even caught a back swimmer with his!

Charlotte thought very carefully about her rod and kept adapting it to make it better, first by adding a leaf to make a float and then by learning to plait to make the wool thicker and choosing a leaf with five leaves which would act as five floats.
And of course we had so much fun in the mud kitchen!! We can't wait for next week.